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The Firm is well known for providing advice to insurance and reinsurance companies in complaints and claims adjustment. The firm has been ranked by Chambers & Partners as one of the leading firms in the area of ​​insurance. His director, JAVIER TAMAYO JARAMILLO has been recognized as “Senior Statesmen” in the matter.

Especially, we make claims adjustment in liability insurance. We participate in determining whether there is liability of the insured, whether the insurance policies provide coverage, to liquidate the amount of the damage, to negotiate with the victims, and given the case, to handle the litigation.

The Firm is also renowned because of the intense litigation activity related with insurance and major claims, before the courts and before the Arbitration Tribunals. One of our strengths is litigation activity related with performance insurance bonds, particularly those issued as guarantees related to supply contracts or construction contracts.

We also handle cases related to liability insurance policies such as claims in transportation liability, fiscal responsibility, directors’ liability, defective product liability, professional liability, liability for environmental pollution, responsibility for major disasters, medical liability, and occupational accidents, among others.

The Firm is recognized for the good handling of cases concerning financial and banking insurance policies.