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The Firm

Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados is a law Firm with over 35 years of experience in the fields of insurance, tort, and transport law, founded by JAVIER TAMAYO JARAMILLO.

In 2002, the Firm assumed the name of Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados, in response to increasing demand by customers, to reflect the fact that we were already a Firm of specialized legal services, with 16 lawyers dedicated exclusively to working in the areas of our specialty.

All of our lawyers have gained – or are in the process of obtaining – postgraduate degrees from Colombian or foreign universities, and are fluent in Spanish, English, French and/or German.

The Firm has its main offices in Medellin and Bogota, and we handle cases in courts throughout the country. For this purpose, the Firm has correspondent offices in different cities, responsible for monitoring the proceedings at the different courts, while our lawyers handle all hearings and allegations.

Offices in the main cities of the country and corresponding offices all over the country


TAMAYO JARAMILLO & ASOCIADOS is a law firm with over 35 years of experience in litigation before courts across the country, and in legal consulting for domestic and foreign firms, in the fields of civil and state liability, contract law, carrier’s liability, insurance, and class actions.

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance
  • Liability in general
  • Transportation
  • International work


We are (or have been) attorneys in cases and/or consultancies of the following companies: