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Dispute resolution

The Firm is especially equipped to handle litigation in a variety of areas, before State courts and arbitration tribunals throughout the country. The director of the firm, JAVIER TAMAYO JARAMILLO, who has personally managed the most important cases for the past 35 years, has been recognized by the international journal Chambers & Partners as one of the lawyers with the most experience in dispute resolution in the country, ranking him as “Senior Statesmen”.

We are a group of 16 lawyers with postgraduate degrees from leading universities from Colombia and abroad, and with extensive experience in handling litigation and providing legal advice in the areas of our specialties.

The activities carried out in our dispute resolution department are, among others, the following ones:

Proceedings before civil courts

Including claims of appeal or review by the Supreme Court (casación), in the areas of transportation law, insurance, contract law and tort.

Litigation before the administrative courts

Including the Council of State, to settle disputes over class actions, tort; breach, termination and nullity of State contracts and damages in all types of State contracts, especially of contracts for the construction of public works.

Class Actions

By major disasters and accidents, such as accidents in land and air transportation, falling or destruction of buildings of all kinds, pollution, earthquakes, explosions, floods, and fires, defective products, etc. In recent years we have successfully represented defendants in a class action because of the contamination of the Bogotá River, in a case where the amount in dispute exceeded three thousand billion dollars. We also represent victims in several class actions arising from the ruin of three buildings in the city of Medellin.


We are specialists with long experience in handling cases before arbitration tribunals related to private contracts, State contracts, insurance and transport law.

Claims Adjustment in liability insurance

In case of major air disasters, explosions, environmental pollution, defective products, collapsing buildings; to determine whether there is liability of the insured, whether the insurance policies provide coverage, to liquidate the amount of the damage, to negotiate with the victims, and if it is the case, to handle the litigation.

Process of fiscal responsibility

Initiated by the Comptroller General of the Republic, derived from fraud by government officials or by government contractors, causing damage to the State.